Tuesday, 12 February 2013

First Day Back at Work

I returned to work from a 3 week hiatus today. Prior to the 3 weeks, I had explained to everyone that I was going to move to a far away land which some would consider it to be one of the many Sin Cities of our world. I call it, Los Angeles.

Anyway, near the end of my shift, I'm changing a diaper with the classroom door wide open (of course another educator was in the room, no need to worry) and I notice that someone is staring at me. I put the child down and say 'hi' in my most friendliness way. They said 'you're back?' But before I responded, I had realized that most of the others had asked the same question but they were fishing for facts and information, which is alright, but when this one person asked, I realized that they really cared about me and had seemed to miss me. I did give them the facts, the married part and everything but I felt touched by the way they asked me.

So, a pop quiz for you all:

1. How have you been touched by a person, thing or event?
2. Do you think you've touched anyone in your life?

Does anyone remember this show?

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