Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Morning Routine

During the week, I work in the afternoons, so I compiled a 'Morning Routine' to keep my mornings as productive as possible. It's kind of like a 'To Do List' but I prefer to call it the Morning Routine and here it is:

1. Short Bathroom Break
2. Exercise
-Day1: Dance
-Day2: Stretches/Pilates
-Day3: Generic Workouts
3. Breakfast
4. Shower
5. Wash hair
6. Blow-dry hair
7. Braid hair 
8. Watch The Bold and the Beautiful 

Number One should be obvious but some mornings I just won't go to the bathroom right away and that can become a problem if you need to share the washroom.
Number Two is a must. Exercise is good for the brain, heart and body.
Number Three even a slice of raisin bread toast is good to eat before starting your day.
Number Four is something I never miss. It's like a date for me ;)
Number Five, Six and Seven only happens twice a week for me.
Number Eight is such a pleasure after I've gone through the list.
Now, all I need to do is setup a nightly routine.

Do you have a morning/night time routine?
If yes, has it helped you accomplish your short/long term goals?
How would you adapt this routine for children?

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