Monday, 11 February 2013

The Bold and The Beautiful

I just love this show. Why? I think the main reason is because it's set in Los Angeles, California. I have yet to confirm all the locations of the homes and businesses of the characters, but once I get back to L.A it will be one of my missions.

Another reason is for the decor and fashion. I love to see what Brooke or Steffy are going to wear in upcoming episodes. I also like the fact that the soap opera is only a half an hour long. So when I get back home from work, I can take a break and watch my TV drama for half an hour and get back to my family.

Although The Bold and The Beautiful have their own Facebook Timeline and Twitter updates, I especially like their YouTube videos. The ones I watch are less than three minutes long and it explains what happened in the latest episode very humorously.

Here, go see for yourself: "The Clarence B&B Update" (February 8, 2013)


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