Saturday, 23 February 2013

Two Jobs Equals Two Careers

I have two jobs now. Why? Well, why not? I'm just being silly. I've always wanted to have two different part time jobs and work on two different careers, not just one.

My first career choice is to work within the childcare environment and my second one is to work within the customer service community.

During the weekdays, in the afternoon are my childcare shifts. During the weekends in the mornings are my customer service shifts. I like this arrangement. Because of my first job, I have my mornings to myself. This is the time where I am able to take my time getting ready in the morning. I find myself having too much free time during the weekends and I had missed working with adults.

People might say "Aren't you overdoing it?" and I answer of course not! I still make sure that I have time for myself and my nights are always free for chatting with friends via social networking/telephone or visiting family. I love this arrangement because I get to use my brain in different ways and meet new people. I like to keep things fresh.

Others might say "But your first job pays more, just work more hours at that one." Well, like I said, I like to keep things fresh in my life and I do want to work at different places.

Oh, of course, this arrangement will only last until I figure out a new way to keep my careers fresh.

What do you think?
Would this arrangement work in favor for my work experience?
What could possibly go wrong?

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