Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to Motivate Yourself by Luc Reid

I've been very busy getting ready to be reunited with my husband in the States. It's been a whole month and a half that we haven't seen each other and I can't wait to see him.

Earlier today, I Google Searched "What should I do when I'm not motivated to exercise?" And I found this lovely blog by Luc Reid. I really enjoyed reading his post Don’t Feel Motivated? 10 Ways to Find Motivation Right Now. It applied for almost anything, not just exercise.

Number seven was my favorite and I will be doing that right after I finish posting:

7. Write down some reasons to do it. Grab a piece of paper or pull up a blank word processing document and write out why it is you want to do the thing or things you’re not doing. (You can also do this in your head, but writing it down can have a stronger effect.) Also list the immediate benefits. What do you get out of doing the thing right now? Peace of mind? Improvements in the space around you? A better mood? A stronger sense of purpose and self-reliance? More?

By: Luc Reid, Don’t Feel Motivated? 10 Ways to Find Motivation Right Now

It's Question Time:

As soon as I'm finished writing my reasons for exercising, I will share them with you soon.
1. What was the longest time you've ever been away from a significant other?
2. Which day-to-day issues do you need motivation with?
3. How will you motivate yourself to achieve success??

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