Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lauren Conrad's Book Signing

I went to Lauren Conrad's book signing at the Los Angeles Farmer's Market inside the Barnes and Nobles.

Click here for the details of her next book signing. For those who may not know who she is, she starred in the MTV reality TV show called The Hills.

I was such a fan of the TV show that I not only watched it all the time back in my Montreal days, but I even watched The After Show that would air right after the half an hour show. LC was my favorite character. I always rooted for her, her friendships, her love affairs and even her career moves. I think I might just re-watch it sometime soon.

So, when I found out that she was doing a book signing at The Grove A.K.A The Farmer's Market, I just had to be there. I got all dolled up and left 3 hours before the event started. I took the bus, in total I think it took 40 minutes to get there, bought her book, Infamous, stood in line for at about 2 hours, got close enough to take a million pictures then I met her. All the waiting was well worth it. I had met my Hollywood role model. She was beautiful and charming. I am very happy to have met her. Here are a few pictures of her that I would like to share:

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