Sunday, 2 June 2013

My June Routine

I love routines. I even like writing them down and displaying them in an area that I will see when I wake up in the mornings. Why? Well, they make me feel like I'm accomplishing my goals. They especially help when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like procrastinating. Here's my last morning routine.

And here's my new one:

1. Wake up
2. Drink a glass of water
3. Internet Surf
 4. Exercise
-Day1: Stationary Jogging & Dumbbells
-Day2: Stationary Jogging & Crunches
-Day3: Leslie Sansone 2 Mile Walking DVD
-Day4: Stationary Jogging & Dumbbells
-Day5: Stationary Jogging & Crunches
5. Breakfast
6. Shower
7. Wash hair
8. Blow-dry & Straighten hair
9. Snack 1
10. Watch The Bold and the Beautiful 

Number Two is important. I bought and have been reading ACSM's Complete Guide to Health and Fitness. This book was put together by scientists and it has straight forward information regarding your health no matter if you are an adolescent, a senior or someone with limited mobility.

Number Three, I love ClixSense. Because I don't pick up pennies off of the ground, I instead try to make small change from this site. I've only made about $13.00 by clicking on advertisements so far but I don't mind. Click here to see how much money I made.

Number Four is something I never miss. It's like a date for me ;)

Number Seven and Eight only happens twice a week for me.

Number Ten is such a pleasure after I've gone through the list.

Now, all I need to do is setup a nightly routine.

Do you have a morning/night time routine?
If yes, has it helped you accomplish your short/long term goals?
How would you adapt this routine for children?


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