Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Meditation for Beginners

At the end of last April, I had stumbled across a blog that spoke about a blogger's first experience with meditation. The reason why I'm very interested in meditating is because I already workout 4 times a week; I try to make healthy meals as much as possible; And I try to have a positive outlook on life (I need to practice this last one a little more). But yet, I still get anxious or feel very negative about the world I live in. I'm under the impression that meditation will help with this.

The blogger's name is Roberto and I absolutely loved what he had to say:

"there are times when, although the day just gone was a good day my mind seems to think endlessly in the same way as if the day just gone was a stressful one. But then I thought that this must be the all point: we all get distracted by events, people in our life, that we become so detached from our  inner self. For instance sometime if a colleague tells us something silly and uncalled for we let those comments affect us even days or weeks after  this has occurred ." -Roberto, Meditation for Beginners

I am one to keep a grudge for awhile. I try to remove my negative thoughts of someone who was just joking around but for some reason the memory just pops up at inappropriate moments. That's a good reason for me to start meditating.

I've actually recently joined a Fit Club where they have Yoga classes I believe they have it twice a week. It's only $5 and they give you a protein shake after the workout.

Take care and be healthy : )

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