Friday, 5 July 2013

My Indoor Jogging Life

Just last week I found out that I lost 8 pounds! I don't own a scale but I remember that from Christmas to St. Valentine's Day, I had still weighed 168 pounds (I check my weight at my relative's place)! For an almost 30 year old woman who's 5 foot 5 inches tall, I thought that was a bit high. Yes, I do have some muscle, but all I could think was, "well, if I'm 168 pounds now, I'll be 178 or higher by next year if I don't change my habits. You see, I was still working out but I would not eat properly. I kept eating snacks that looked small in size but were high in calories. Anyway, I can thank indoor jogging and proper nutrition for the weight loss. So I wanted to share with you My Simple Jogging Workout Routine:

Before we begin, here are some websites I've come across with exercises that may help you with your jogging/running workouts:

FitnessBlender (YouTube)
RunnersWorldTV (YouTube)
Competitior: Your Online Source for Running

1. After eating breakfast, I wait for my body to digest the food by braiding my hair:

2. The picture below is my jogging station. All I need are the following:

-Myself with some sports clothes
-Small towel to wipe off some sweat
-Yoga mat (which was folded over)
-Glass or bottled water
-TV to watch shows OR
-iPod to listen to music and calculate my calories (the iPod is on my left wrist)

3.The time and date that I finished

4. After the workout, I plugged my iPod into the computer and synced my info to Nike+

5. Then it's time for a shower, un-braid the hair and be ready for the day :D

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