Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Bold and the Beautiful (SPOILER ALERT)

I just finished watching today's BB episode (2013.07.02). It was sooooo good. I decided to re-watch it and list out my favorite quotes from the episode:

"I think it was lucky, it never had to love the two of you." -Katie

"You weren't married to a ring! You were married to me!" -Katie

"Are you in love with her?" -Katie

"No, not wrong just early." -Katie

"Go clean yourself up. I can't look at you like that." -Katie

"It's not a weapon, Katie! It's a fact." -Bill

"You just washed your hands of me." -Bill

"That doesn't mean that the words don't count, Katie!"

"I love you, and I believe that we can get through if we don't compound the mistakes we've already made. Say you forgive me." -Bill

P.S: The picture above was my favorite. In today's episode, there were only Brooke, Bill and Katie in the room. Everyone had already left

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