Sunday, 8 September 2013

Do You Need Some Social Media Icons?

After doing a Google Image Search on "Social Media Icons," I had found 100s of images! I didn't know where to start so I just decided to leave the Google Image Search page and go to the regular Google Search box. I had found the following interesting links:, The icons at the top-left of my page are from here.

If you're still looking for some nice social media icons for your blog or other websites try these following search terms:

"Social Media Icons"
"Social Media Round Icons"
"Social Media Flat Design Icons"

If you're looking for a specific social media icon, say, Facebook or Blogger, just replace the words "Social Media" with the specific social media word.

Oh! And if  you're looking for modern images, add the words "modern" or "2013."

Hope you enjoyed my little post. Take care Xox.

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