Thursday, 26 September 2013

To Love Walking or to Hate it, That Is the Question

So here's the scoop:
Last Saturday, I went hiking with the hubby and two of our friends.
Here are some pictures:

It lasted 3 hours. I almost died.

Not really, but I started off all happy and ready to go in my "activewear" pants (or whatever they are called nowadays) and then I finished all annoyed and ready to go back home and take a shower.
I didn't understand why I only lasted an hour when I workout almost on a daily schedule.
Then it hit me. My daily workouts only consist of 30 mins of cardio and that's not enough. I can clearly do more.

But the thing is, my daily workouts are indoor workouts. I basically do 30 minutes of stationary jogging in front of the tele. Then the rest of the 30 minutes is for stretching and strength training with dumbbells.
So I decided to start walking outside for about 30 minutes in a "hilly" area.

Here are some pictures:

My first day didn't workout all that well. I didn't plan at all. So, here's my list of DOs:

Organize "walking" clothes in your closet/drawers:
Why? So you don't run around trying to find clothes then give up because you don't have anything "cute" to wear in public. Also they should be layered like this:
-Sports Bra
-Muscle Shirt
-Light Sweater,
-Yoga/Capri Pants
-Heavy socks
-Running shoes

Organize a small knapsack/fanny pack with:
-House keys
-Insurance card
-Two granola bars/other snacks
-Water bottle, yes, you will wish you had it
-$5 (for a taxi, no, I'm not joking)

Pick a time of the day where the weather is cooler:
Sunny days seem like the perfect time to go for a walk. Sure, maybe, but I prefer cloudy/slightly windy days :D

Drink water and eat something healthy as well before the walk.

Bring a camera:
-Take a picture of your awesome self taking care of your body
-You never know what part of nature you've never seen before.

Wear your pedometer
If you don't have one, write down and record the following:
-Time you started and finished your walk
-The miles walked, let Google Maps or a regular map help you with that.
-Your weight.

That's all I can think of right now. I Binged "Why is walking outside good for me?" and here were the results:

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