Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Happy October :D

So today is the first day of September but actually we said goodbye to September 2 days ago so it is October 2nd. Happy October! It's a Wednesday and its 3:05 p.m. The weather is 77 Fahrenheit. So I find myself sitting in my living room talking to myself again after everything has been tidied up. It made me wonder if this is what used to happen to Florence when she lived alone when she was alive. Well it must of been true because when I used to visit her, she would talk for the whole day and I wouldn't say much and she would usually remember things that happened 20 years ago and actually reenact them. That part of her was passed down to me because I have been talking to myself at least since 10 years old. But we have to remember that Joan, my adoptive mother passed away when I was 10. And I wasn't about to go talk to my father about girl stuff. My mother, Joan, was the one who understood me well. So in the end not only do I talk to myself as an inheritance from Florence but the person I really want to be talking to is my mother Joan and I've been looking for her replacement for the past 19 years. No doubt there have been great people in my life but they're not Joan and I have to accept that. I never realized this until today in Los Angeles, California. 

Anyway so what I was really talking to myself about were about my memories from the private daycare I use to work at in Montreal. I haven't been in that day care for almost a year now. It’s like, I have a love/hate relationship with that place. But I have to remember that I pretty much almost always have a job there if I behave. And I did have a lot of fun there. I guess it's just like regular relationships or at least the ones I've had where you have ups and downs but you know at least the other person will always be there for you. I had a panic attack yesterday and it was over trying to record a hockey game isn't that ridiculous? It’s like, I had cleaned the whole apartment I even washed the floors and everything but yeah I felt like a failure because I didn't think of recording the hockey game before it was over. So then I got too distracted to try to find the hockey game- couldn't find it then I was behind with dinner and I stabbed myself with a tiny piece of metal from the salad and ended up throwing out the whole salad because I was afraid that the salad had metal in it. And that was only yesterday.

I’m good now.

Do you have the Samsung Galaxy SIII (<--- I don't know why there's a large space there) or similar? Because it is awesome. I was able to record about 85% of this post using my voice! The keyboard has a microphone icon which uses “Speech-to-Text” recognition which I then emailed to myself and edited the grammar via a Word document.

Toodles! Xox.

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