Saturday, 2 November 2013

Review of 'Why We Get Fat' by Gary Taubes I go and give you the review of the book, let me give you some background about my thoughts and actions which led to reading this book:

It all started with one of my best friends feeling the need to lose weight. She did her research and came to the conclusion that certain elements inside most of the foods we eat, were harmful to our health.

At the time, I was working at a demanding daycare job and my fiance (now husband) was working from home getting supper ready. I didn't really think about the meals he had prepared because he genuinely tried to make the healthiest meals and they were tasty. An example of these meals would be pastas like spaghetti, chicken dinners, omeletes and salads. We still eat those meals to this day. So, back to my best friend, she seemed really fascinated about what she was learning about why people get fat and have all these health issues.

My husband was already a jogger, and I had a gym membership and would go quite often back at home in Montreal, Quebec. It was only until we had moved to Los Angeles, California that we were paying a lot more attention to our weight. Instead of jogging with my husband, I adopted the technique of stationary jogging in my living room while watching my favorite TV Shows like Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, The Wendy Williams Show and The Bold and the Beautiful. It turned out that I had actually lost eight pounds jogging in my living room, lifting dumbbells and eating a lot more vegetables. I was so impressed. Then, back in July, I had found out that my birth mother had passed away from a heart attack and she was only 54 years old. After hearing the shock of that news, it made me want to learn about being healthy. I mean, I really wanted to know why people get sick and if there was a way to prevent this from happening. I've gone to more funerals than weddings in my lifetime and I'm only 29 years old.

So, I thought, let's just see what my best friend has been reading. She recommended that I started with Gary Taubes book titled, "Why We Get Fat?"
I actually just finished reading it today.

In his book, Taubes wants people to challenge what they've been told about food and weight-loss for so many years. He even goes on to say that some of the scientific research that has been done to prove weight-loss, has been misleading because of important facts that have been missing or weren't even acknowledged. For example, if people get fat because they eat too much food, then why are there people, who don't have enough money to buy a lot of food, obese? They must be fat for another reason, right? Well, if you want to know the answer to those questions, I encoruage you to pick up a copy of Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat at your local library or here via Amazon.

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