Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Review on Scholarly Article "Intellectual Frameworks and Research Challenges"

Scholarly Article:
Intellectual Frameworks and Research Challenges

Sponsored by:
The National Science Foundation and the Sloan Foundation

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As we live our lives doing our day-to-day activities, we can sometimes forget that studies have been made and policies have been implemented for the benefit of our society. This article is based on a study on how knowledge infrastructures have changed, continue to change and the obstacles that need to be solved.

As most of you know, my career choice is within the childcare field. As an educator, I guess you can say I’m like a coach when it comes to helping parents understand their children and helping children navigate the world around them.

And while I'm helping children navigate the world around them who's helping me navigate this world? I believe the answer is information and how I get a hold of it. We have to remember that once upon a time ago there were no computers no internet and there were still a lot of smart and interesting people who knew how to navigate the world.

Boy, have times have changed.

Back to the article, it goes on to mention about how certain institutions have had to change in regards to all this new information being shared and how it's being shared in new ways. It's an interesting read for anyone who's interested in knowing why:

·Libraries have changed their layout from index cards to computer searches ·The existence of “online universities” ·The new ways knowledge and information are being shared ·The need for institutions and companies to keep up

As I’m reading this article, it just makes me think about the changes in childcare. I'm 29 years old now and I’ve worked with daycares for about 3 years and the daycares nowadays accept children that are 4 months old. Whereas 25 years ago it was common to send four year olds to nursery school for preparation to kindergarten.

I hope you enjoyed my review. Take care Xox.

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