Sunday, 13 April 2014


I know this is not always true, but sometimes it feels like everyone is throwing up their hands screaming "I'm stressed out!" Okay, that's nice, so why don't you do something about it? Like try counting to 10 slowly. If that doesn't work, try some deep breathing exercises. Maybe you just need a 10 minute time out? Use that time wisely, listen to some soothing music, call your mother, a friend or a specialized doctor and talk about what's stressing you out.

I would normally post this kind of stuff on the website but it's been done for awhile so I guess I'll post here on what is currently stressing me out.
Here's a list of what I do when I'm stressed/anxious/freaking out:
  1. I try to remember that everyone, including myself is a good person and we are trying our best in this crazy/cool world that we live in. I think this helps keep things in perspective or at least it's a good way to balance my stressed out views. It doesn't even matter if it's true, it just helps me and my brain to calm down.
  2. Deep breathing. I do this in the car when I'm stopped at a red light. Within ten minutes I notice my stresses either disappear or at least lessen. This can also work at work or at home.
  3. Take a short nap. I still don't want to take naps during the day but when I do usually the rest of my day is much better.
  4. Re-watch a TV show or movie that makes me smile or giggle. It's similar to the deep breathing effect where within the first few scenes that make me smile, I'll notice that within 10 minutes time, I will have a better outlook on life. Then I can return to whatever task is at hand.
  5. If I don't have time for #4, then I'll just listen to good music from my phone/iPod. Maybe I'll even hum or sing the song.
That's all I can think of at the moment at what helps me right away to soothe my mind and body from stress. What helps you?

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