Sunday, 14 December 2014

How to use a MAC / MAC Keyboard Shortcuts

Hello my Internet Friends :D

As a PC user of over 10 years, the transition to using a MAC was a bit difficult. To make my MAC journey easier, I've asked the web, specifically YouTube and Google Image search to help. Below I've listed the Top 15 MAC Hot Key commands and the two links that have helped me so far:

Top 15 Hot Keys for MAC
YouTube: How to use a MAC - 2014 Yosemite Edition

Command A = Select All
Command B = Bold text
Command C = Copy
Command D = Add Bookmark
Command I = Italicize text
Command N = New (new email, new finder window, etc)
Command P = Print
Command Q = Quit application
Command R = Refresh
Command S = Save
Command T = New Tab
Command V = Paste
Command W = Close window
Command Z = Undo
Command Delete = Move to Trash

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